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Lingyun (Yichang) Aviation Engineering Co.,Ltd,established in March 2014, locates in 17-1, Airport Road, Xiaoting District,Yichang  City, headquarter in Wuhan, and  attaches to Lingyun Technology Co.,Ltd. Its total assets is 1 billion RMB, possessing 600 staff, among which there are 290 various kinds of professional technicians. The company is a modern enterprise that dedicated to develop civil aircraft maintenance, painting, modification and aircraft component maintenance as well as the aircraft maintenance personnels training.

The company has two places which locate in Yichang and Wuhan. Yichang industry park situates in the south of Yichang Sanxia Airport, which occupies 500mu. It plans to build 9 hangars and warehouses, 1 apron, 1 production R&D building and 4 dormitory buildings. Currently, 1 Aircraft maintenance hangar, 1 painting hangar, and 1 apron were completed, and more than 1800sets production equipment were purchased. The company and its sub-company had obtained various kinds of aircraft maintenance certificate consecutively from CAAC, Hongkong Civil Aviation Department, Macao Civil Aviation Authority, Cambodia Aviation Administration , and FAA. After the industry park was all built, it will be capable of delivering about 150 wide-bodied and narrow-bodied aircrafts for maintenance, about 70 aircrafts for painting and 10 aircrafts for modification.

Wuhan Industry Park is the headquarters of Lingyun Group which locates in Wuhan Dong Xihu district, and its business scope was divided into Aircraft component maintenance center and the training center of aircraft maintenance personnel.Currently, the aircraft component maintenance center had already acquired 2863 maintenance items that was approved by CAAC; more than 60% MA60 component in China can be maintained in the center; more than 200 Boeing and Airbuss product can be maintained in the center, and the annual maintained quantity has beyond 4300 articles. The training center of aircraft maintenance personnel obtained the authorization letter of CCAR147 Qualified Training Center that was issued by CAAC in 2014. Currently the training center has 20 instructors, among which there are 8 CCAR-66 certificate holders and 7 license examination appointed representatives. The training center equipped with 8 classrooms, the total area is 1230 which can accommodate 638 people to receive training.

In the future, under the policy guidance of Civil-military integrationfrom the nation and military, the company is dedicated to shape the aviation industry chain that integrate  maintenance, manufacture, research and instruction; spare no effort to realize enterprise vision in terms of  first-class in capability, first-class in management, first-class in team work, and first-class in culture. 

  • 14000m2

    Hangar and ancillary buildings cover an area of 14,000 square meters

  • 10slot

    10-slot production line

  • 20000m2

    The apron covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters.

  • 100A/C

    Delivery of 100 aircraft per year


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