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Lingyun (Yichang) Aviation Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Airframe Maintenance, Painting and Modification, Attachment Repair of the Ministry of Aviation, Aircrew Training

Lingyun (Yichang) Aviation Engineering Co.,Ltd,established in March 2014, locates in 17-1, Airport Road, Xiaoting District,Yichang City, headquarter in Wuhan, and attaches to Lingyun Technology Co.,Ltd.


Its total assets is 1 billion RMB, possessing 600 staff, among which there are 290 various kinds of professional technicians. The company is a modern enterprise that dedicated to develop civil aircraft maintenance, painting, modification and aircraft component maintenance as well as the aircraft maintenance personnel’s training.

  • 10Billion

    Total assets more than 10 billion yuan

  • 600Employees

    More than 600 employees

  • 260Employees

    More than 260 professionals and technicians

  • Wuhan

    Company headquarters
  • Yichang

    Scheduled Maintenance Hangar
  • Yichang

    Spray paint hangar

Plant layout

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  • 02 /
  • 03 /


  • Lingyun Technology Group
  • Israel Aerospace Industry Corporation

Bedek Lingyun(Yichang) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co.,Ltd( its English name is BELINCO), headquarter in Yichang Sanxia Airport, Sanxia Airport Economic Zone, Hubei Province, occupies 500mu, which is the first Sino-Israel  JV Civil Aviation MRO enterprise. On January 7th 2016, China and Israel parties officially signed the contract and   initiated t  he cooperating project. The company dedicated to develop the maintenance, painting, cargo conversion and some other business of civil aircraft.

Lingyun Science and Technology Group Co.,Ltd, headquarter in Wuhan that is famous be called as the nine thoroughfare province, which is a enterprise group focus on Aircraft maintenance, and building decoration with the total assets nearly 3 billion RMB and 800 various kinds of professional technicians; Israel Aerospace Industry Company( referred as IAI) was established in 1953, and its headquarters locates in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International Airport, which is a main Israel national defense enterprise. There are four groups under IAI, namely Military Aircraft Group, Civil Aircraft Group, Bedek Aviation Group, and Electronic Group, and its business scope covers six areas: civil aviation maintenance, aircraft modification , engine installation and maintenance, aviation electronic equipment research, military aircraft and early warning aircraft research, missile and UVA research and so on.

Organization Chart

Decision-making Level

  • Secretary of Party General Branch
  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Manager

Senior Management Level

  • Vice General Manager
  • Chief Quality Engineer
  • Chief Accountant
  • Chief Engineer

Management Level

  • Marketing Department
  • Aircraft Material Department
  • Quality and Safety Department
  • Financial Department
  • Production Planning Department
  • Engineering Technology Department
  • General Office

Production Entity

  • Civil Aviation Training Center
  • Civil Aviation Component Maintenance Center
  • Bedek Lingyun



Establish the civil aviation maintenance enterprise that boasts first-class capability, first-class management, first-class team and first-class culture

Civil Aviation Maintenance Enterprise


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